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From Giacomo Pati <>
Subject Re: C2: Uploader needed
Date Thu, 14 Sep 2000 13:36:51 GMT

--- Matthew Langham <> wrote:
> We need to integrate the possibility of uploading files into Cocoon
> and I
> have been thinking about how best to do this - but then I thought hey
> -
> maybe someone has already done this.

Not that I know of. This might be an candidate for the recently
discussed Action component. I've a development version of C2 on my HD
enhanced with this concept to play with but didn't commit as long as we
have not agreed of having such a component. I hope you have followed
that discussion. I can put that in a new proposal directory if no -1
gets thrown at me :P and add a <available> element to the build.xml to
include it so that we can play with it. But be warned that the
Interface of that Action component might change or might not find its
way into the main branch :)

> At the moment we are considering an "UploadTransformer" which would
> grab the
> uploaded file from the HTTP stream and write that out to wherever..

Wouldn't it be better to implement that on a Generator base? Could you
explain why you want to implement it as a Transformer?


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