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From Paul Russell <>
Subject Re: WEB-INF classloading and on the fly compilation
Date Thu, 14 Sep 2000 12:25:48 GMT
On Thu, Sep 14, 2000 at 04:42:48AM -0700, Pier P. Fumagalli wrote:
> Now, either am I a complete MORON or JavaC resolves everything using the
> System classloader, completely ignoring whatever classloader loaded
> itself? NOTICE: If this is true, we have a bunch of problems basically
> everywhere we want to do some on-the-fly compilation (tomcat people
> read: JSP!).

I'm pretty sure your're right. I spent a while battling with
this a few months ago. Basically, as far as I'm concerned, the
solution is to have access to the compiler at a much more
fundamental level. I'd like to be able to hand the thing parse
trees, ideally, and we *certainly* need to be able to use our
own classloaders.

A while back I was looking at building an application server
with a distributed VFS looking after all objects required in
the system (including classes, XSP, EJB components, the lot).
I stuck it on hold because it seems to be very difficult to
persuade Javac to load classes from a non-system classloader.


Paul Russell                               <>
Technical Director,         
Luminas Ltd.

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