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From Marc van Kempen <>
Subject Producer problem with 1.7.4, Help please!
Date Wed, 13 Sep 2000 12:47:37 GMT


I have an annoying problem with cocoon 1.7.4 and apache jserv 1.1.1

I have made a custom producer and have problems getting cocoon to
recognize it.

If I place it in the servlet directory, the cocoon jar's are 
placed inside wrapper.classpath statements, cocoon claims it can't
find the producer.

I then try the next logical step, which is to put it in a directory
that is in the classpath, but then I get *very* weird problems with
common classes that are used by the servlets and the producer.
I want these classes to be reloaded whenever I change them, so I place
them in the servlet directory, however, in that case, the producer 
claims it can't find those common classes. If I place them in both
directories, weird shit starts happening, which can only be resolved
by removing the doubles, but then either my servlets or my producer
doesn't work.

I then tried to place cocoon and all support jars in repository 
statements and tried unpacking them in the servlet directory, so 
that cocoon would be found from the servlet context and (or so I
reasoned) the producer would be found when placed inside the
servlet directory.

In this case Cocoon (jserv?) claims it can't find a certain xsl sheets that
are placed inside the cocoon.jar.

The only (semi) workable solution that I have managed to think of,
is to put the producer in the servlet directory *and* add the
servlet directory to the classpath. But in this case servlet
reloading doesn't work anymore, and my coworkers are getting ready to
lynch me!

So if anyone has a solution, please help, this is driving me nuts!

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