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From "Mark Washeim" <>
Subject Re: Engine patches and performance
Date Fri, 08 Sep 2000 22:46:32 GMT
> "Mark Washeim" <> wrote:
>>I'm just posting again, with our patches to . . .

> Actually, if you look at the Cocoon CVS repository you'll see they've
> already been applied to 1.8-dev (if these are what I think they must be!).
> However I found a couple of synchronization bugs in your code which I
> mentioned in a previous email to cocoon-dev about two weeks ago (with
> [PATCH] in the subject line). Still, a good idea and a worthwhile addition!

I thought I'd seen as much in going through my mail, but, having been on a
protracted (overdue) vacation, I've  been a bit speedy :) Thanks very much!
I'll ensure that our developers are working against the current revs . . .

> I have the fixes ready to commit but after just being voted in, I'm having
> troubles configuring my system to commmit (basic Linux setup troubles
> really, should be sorted soon)...
> I thought of being a perfectionist and waiting till I'd committed the
> bugfixes and found the old message before replying to this, but that could
> be a few more days so I thought I'd reply straight away.

:) Thanks very much!

>>We're also working on a proper persistent cache, though serialization is
>>posing a problem . . . any one done any work in this domain???
> Not actual work - but check the recent cocoon-users thread on "64 limit" and
> "Aha! Got it! 64k limit" for some ideas about "XML bytecode" (!) :-) That
> should have been moved to cocoon-dev but it started on cocoon-users and sort
> of stuck there.

We've come so far as to write the classes required
(cocoon/cache/ and
cocoon/cache/ but ran into trouble with
serialization issues. Namely, some XSPPage (and fileproducer, too, I
believe) aren't serializable without some reworking . . .

I'll post some more concrete examples of what would be required ...

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