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From "Lassi Immonen" <>
Subject [C2]Lang parameter processing
Date Fri, 15 Sep 2000 12:04:19 GMT

I have to create multi-language site and figured do it that way I put
xml:lang parameter to every tag I have content in multiple languages.

So I need to process "lang" parameter in one way or another in all of my
In sitemap docs there is notion of  filter component, which I suppose has
become transformation?

Would the solution then be to write LangTransformer which checks
request.getParameter("lang")/default langparameter/whatever and filters out
elements which have other xml:lang parameters?
If so, could somebody give some advice on how to do such a Transformer. I
could not understand from docs/sources Cocoon2 has how to do this.

Is the only way to put this Transformer BEFORE other transformations in
sitemap to add <transform type="lang"> every pipeline i have? Or is it
possible to define it in some more easier way?

Other thing: Discussion about adding Actions to C2 is very interesting to me
and I'm willing to help in this matter if there is such a need. Actions
sounds just like what my doctor ordered to me :)

Lassi Immonen

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