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From "Ross Burton" <>
Subject Re: C2: BrowserSelectorFactory?
Date Tue, 05 Sep 2000 18:06:18 GMT
>> > is there any timeline for the implementation of the
>> > (Sitemap-)Selectors, especially the BrowserSelectorFactory?
>> No. No timeline for components. You need one? Why don't you contribute
>> it? Would be cool :)
>OK then, I will try a BrowserSelectorFactory tomorrow.

Many moons ago (when Cocoon 2 still interpreted the pipelines) I planned to
write something like this.  Two things stopped me: the moving target of the
selector pattern in the sitemap and the lure of the SVG spec.

However, I realised that asking "Netscape 4 or above?" or "lynx?" about the
browser was not what we were trying to achieve.  What we are really asking
is "JavaScript 1.2 or above?", "a decent CSS1 implementation?", "HTML DOM?",
"text-only?", "PNG?" and many other questions.  Users from ASP may recognise
this in the form of browscap.ini, which maps user-agent headers to

Although basic testing on the user agent name works, I would like to see an
extendable framework for this more advanced and higher level capability
(this touches on the W3C's CC/PP which I haven't really read yet) in Cocoon

A browser selector factory could be the basic block, then work up to the
full ability based selector.  However, things need to be sorted out, such as
what capabilities, how to use the selector, database format (XML with a tool
to convert ASP browscap.ini files?) etc etc.  I'm going to think about this
and write something down.

Ross Burton

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