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From "Nicola Ken Barozzi" <>
Subject Re: [Cocoon Devel] Re: [C2] UML Class Diagram for SiteMap
Date Thu, 07 Sep 2000 14:38:57 GMT
Take a look also at:


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From: "Ed Staub" <>
To: <>
Sent: Thursday, September 07, 2000 4:17 PM
Subject: RE: [Cocoon Devel] Re: [C2] UML Class Diagram for SiteMap

> If we can avoid dependence on tools which cost over $2000US (TogetherJ), I
> think it would be a good thing.  I'm furious with TogetherSoft; they could
> be doing so much to improve design process and communication, if only they'd
> drop their price into a range accessible to more people.  Together is an
> excellent product.
> Take a look at MagicDraw; it's $300-$500US and does much (most, IMHO) of
> what TogetherJ does.  Unfortunately, it currently does not have an API.
> However, I know the files are in XML (XMI, to be specific); it might be
> possible to generate files through XSLT, especially if NoMagic wanted to
> provide more information.  A DTD is included.
> I've looked at ArgoUML; it's missing too many features (for me, anyway).
> -Ed Staub
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> From: []On Behalf Of
> Niclas Hedhman
> Sent: Thursday, September 07, 2000 3:18 AM
> To:
> Subject: Re: [Cocoon Devel] Re: [C2] UML Class Diagram for SiteMap
> Giacomo Pati wrote:
> > --- Niclas Hedhman <> wrote:
> > > Generate SVG formatted UML documentation of the Sitemap on the fly???
> >
> > Can you explain a bit in detail, because I don't get what you want to
> > see?
> UML, Universal Modelling Language (or whatever :o) view of the inheritance,
> associations,
> patterns and so forth of the classes that are being used to execute the
> Sitemap.
> That means drawing small boxes with rounded corners, the lines and all that
> stuff (look at
> TogetherJ). This can not be done static, and would be a maintenance headache
> for site
> management in companies that requires this level of documentation.
> I am also saying it is an incredible formidable task to achieve, but would
> suck the
> headlights off anything else on the market; "Automatic UML documentation of
> a dynamic
> system.", since I recon it should be able to include all XSP stuff as well,
> via the
> component links in the sitemap.
> Nice if we could get Peter Coad interested, since TogetherJ is able to
> generated pretty good
> UML out of Java source code...
> Just a outrageous idea, I guess...
> Niclas

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