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From "Lassi Immonen" <>
Subject Re: [C2]LangTransformer
Date Thu, 21 Sep 2000 08:08:45 GMT
> > To content authors it
> > should be easier to maintain one file instead of bunch of
> > language versions in different directories anyway.
> well, I have exactly opposite experience. With one file approach you make
> the assumption that there is one person that does all the translation.
> might be true in small sites with two-three languages; however, it is
> rarely the case in bigger sites that only one person is writing all the
> different translations. And when there are multiple persons then it is
> easier for them to edit different files, rather than one monolithic one...
You are probably right for big sites, but we are going to build rather small
site (in number of different pages to user) so I still think all content per
page in one file is better for us. After construction there is not going to
be that much modification to site.
And why not use xml-capabilities at editing level too, separating one edit
file/per language for translator or maybe original language and language to
be translated and then combine the results back. (Hmm, how could that be
done easily, CVS?).
And I think in the future we are going to use some sort of database of
xml-content anyway.

 Lassi Immonen

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