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From "Peter C. Verhage" <>
Subject Re: Apache and Tomcat
Date Mon, 25 Sep 2000 16:44:49 GMT
jakob wrote:
: you have to build that cocoon.war to make it apear :) if you look in
: build.xml you will get more information about how to do it. It is simply
: an ant target which does nothing more than packing the cocoon classes as
: well as the depending libs into one file, which is unpacked again in the
: tomcat webapps folder.

Ok, thanx I will do that :)

: As you are using the latest CVS tree one should mention that you have to
: use the CVS version of Tomcat 4.0 (aka catalina) to make cocoon get to
: work.

I don't think that's entirely true, because I've got it to work with Tomcat
3.2 beta 4. If I use Tomcat as a webserver (not as a module for Apache
Server) I can connect at port 8080 and everything seems fine
(http://localhost:8080/cocoon/welcome) :). What I did was just copy the
directory webapp (renamed it to cocoon) to TOMCAT_HOME/webapps...

: You will find catalina in the jakarta-tomcat cvs under proposals.
: If you get catalina to work, and build cocoon with the dist.war option
: on catalinas home all you have to do is start catalina to see the
: welcome page of cocoon (at localhost:8080/cocoon). No config of WEB-INF
: needed.

That seems great but, I checked Catalina already, and I did not find any
documenation, source or whatsoever that indicated that Catalina can work as
or with a module in Apache Server. Is this possible? (It's important for our
"old" pages, because then we can still use PHP and it's much faster for
static pages that way).

: The hard part about it is getting catalina to work. It took me some
: little modifications on the build.xml and stuff to get them to work all
: together. Once you have done that installation of cocoon shouldnt be too
: dificult.

Can you e-mail these modifications? Or can they be found in the mailinglist
archive? I can't check that right now, because the mailinglist archive seems
broken to me (it does not work as nice as a few days ago, when you could
search the archive).

: hope that helps,

I think it will :) Thank you.


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