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From Jeremy Quinn <>
Subject Re: CVS problem
Date Thu, 31 Aug 2000 16:57:20 GMT
At 21:44 +1000 31/08/00, Peter Donald wrote:
>At 11:09  31/8/00 +0100, you wrote:
>>Hi, I am trying to update the C1 CVS.
>>I get this rather odd error from MacCVS (via MindTerm) :
>>"failed to create lock directory in repository
>>`/home/cvs/CVSROOT/Emptydir': Permission denied"
>>Is my local repository hosed?
>nope - it is the cocoon cvs - possibly someone is in middle of commit - try
>again shortly. Occasionly it will happen - if client times out during
>commit it can last until a admin goes in and manualy dels the file.
>However just wait a bit and it should be resolved.

I've tried again .... same problem

I think my system is confused by the two seperate C1 repository paths:

	/home/cvspublic						anon CVS
	/home/cvs									CVS via SSH

I tried to have them "overlap" on my machine so I could use the
non-encrypted CVS for Checkout and Update and only use the (slower) secure
connection for Commit.

I guess this strategy will not work .... I've got to use only the secure
connection for everything otherwise I can't commit right?.


regards Jeremy

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                                                       webSpace Design
                                            HyperMedia Research Centre

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