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From Hans Ulrich Niedermann <>
Subject Re: [Cocoon Devel]C2/xalan/xerces: docbook format
Date Fri, 04 Aug 2000 13:44:51 GMT
Brian May <> writes:

> >>>>> "Hans" == Hans Ulrich Niedermann <>
>     Hans> P.S: Docbook XSL is not extraordinarily fast: K6-2/300MHz,
>     Hans> quite a small&simple document takes approx. 30 (thirty!) 
>     Hans> seconds
> Please clear my confusion (not that I am trying to be sarcastic, I am
> just interested in DocBook format). Please tell me if I am wrong in
> any of these points:
> - by Docbook format, you mean the format documented at:
> <url:>. Version 4.1 is the latest
> non-beta version, for XML and SGML.

Correct. This is what we want to use in future for documentation.

> - There is no DocBook XSL supplied with Cocoon 1 or Cocoon 2.


> - The only DocBook XSL I could find is at
> <url:>,

Correct. I use 1.16 - but 1.15 is not different in this respect.

> which doesn't work with Xalan, but requires XT/SAX instead. 

It works OK with CVS Xalan/Xerces.

> I contacted Norman about this, he
> said one of the problems was a known bug in Xalan, which has been
> fixed (AFAIK) in CVS. He hasn't replied about the other problem
> yet. As far as I can tell, it looks like another bug in Xalan.

> What version of DocBook XSL works with Xalan? Or, does Cocoon somehow
> solve these problems?

Somehow C2 seems to solve these problems - the first request after
starting Tomcat still raises the exception and from the second request
on everythink works fine. If you use the xalan/xerces jars that come
with C2 from the command line, you always get the exception.


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