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From (DEHAY Aurélien)
Subject Alias and Stylesheets
Date Thu, 03 Aug 2000 11:07:00 GMT

Bug or feature? I don't understand. Here is my problem:

Cocoon 1.7.4
Xerces 1.1.3
Apache 1.3.12

Apache is running 3 virtuals hosts. Each one have a DocumentRoot in
the /developpement subdir:

In /developpement/, I've got a «commun» subdir, for sharing data
beetween web sites. Data like my stylesheets.
Then, I've got an alias in my httpd.conf:
Alias /styles/ "/developpement/commun/styles/"

In «styles», I've got 3 subdirs: dtd, css, xsl.

When I give the complete URL for my xsl in Netscape (i.e. with
http://hostname/styles/xsl/document.xsl), it works: I can see it. When
I give this same URL in my <?xml-stylesheet ...?>, it works too. *But* when I want to
give the <?xml-stylesheet ...?> with a relative URL, like that:

<?xml-stylesheet href="/styles/xsl/document.xsl" type="text/xsl"?>

I've got the following error message:

Could not associate stylesheet to document:  
error reading /developpement/sources/htdocs/styles/xsl/document.xsl: 
File "file:///developpement/sources/htdocs/styles/xsl/document.xsl" not found.

at org.apache.cocoon.processor.xslt.XSLTProcessor.getStylesheet(, Compiled

at org.apache.cocoon.processor.xslt.XSLTProcessor.process(, Compiled Code)

at org.apache.cocoon.Engine.handle(, Compiled Code)

at org.apache.cocoon.Cocoon.service(, Compiled Code)

at javax.servlet.http.HttpServlet.service(, Compiled Code)

at org.apache.jserv.JServConnection.processRequest(,
Compiled Code)

at, Compiled Code)

at, Compiled Code)


Thanks for any answer.

Note: I don't whant to put the complete URL in <?xml-stylesheet?> for
many reasons. One is because it's my developpement site, and it would
be hard to replace all the <?xml-stylesheet?> when I put the pages on
my production site.


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