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From Hans Ulrich Niedermann <>
Subject Re: HELP! id() not working in Cocoon 1.7.2/1.7.4
Date Fri, 25 Aug 2000 23:58:10 GMT writes:

> A few weeks ago I posted a message to Cocoon users DL regarding id()
> problem.  I have not got much response on this.  I have also posted it to
> Xalan and Xerces DLs and it seems like the problem is in Cocoon or a
> combination of Xalan/Xerces in Cocoon environment.
> Is this a known problem?  Any suggestion/help is greatly appreciated.

[ ... ]

> I am using Cocoon 1.7.2 as well as 1.7.4 and the id() doesn't seem to be
> working when I use it in my stylesheet to display the link or reference
> name.  Has anyone run into this problem?  If so, any workaround?

I vaguely remember that Cocoon1 by default doesn't validate documents,
i.e. by default it ignores the DTD of XML documents completely. There
is some way to turn validation on from within I
just can't remember how :-)


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