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From Hans Ulrich Niedermann <>
Subject Re: converting docs to PDF or some other "printer-friendly" format?
Date Mon, 14 Aug 2000 03:42:48 GMT
Paul Russell <> writes:

> On Mon, Jul 24, 2000 at 06:25:08PM +0200, Hans Ulrich Niedermann wrote:
> > I have got the following things working in my local copy now:
> > [...]
> Great!
> > What is still missing:
> > 
> > 7. Produce PDF via XSL:FO, i.e. find a version of FOP that handles all 
> >    necessary XSL:FO elements.
> Any ideas how far current FOP is from this stage?

As a test case I transformed the current CVS sitemap.xml file to
Docbook and then improved the markup manually until it was more or
less complete. There are some things remaining (whether to keep the
chapter strucure of the "Interface Specifications" or make this
<chapter> it a <reference>). 

For those interested in my results, I have put all my Docbook stuff
(i.e. Docbook XML source, HTML, XSL:FO and PDF) at


FOP-0_14_0 seems to work quite well. The remaining problems 
(line breaks are ignored within program listings) probably lie within
Norm's Docbook->XSL:FO stylesheets. (I say this as Norm's XSL:FO
stylesheets seem to be slightly outdated in some respects - e.g. they
don't seem know about <classsynopsis> yet.) I'll investigate that
matter further, of course. 


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