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Subject Re: Unexplicit error message when components are missing.
Date Tue, 29 Aug 2000 10:14:03 GMT
On Tue, 29 Aug 2000, Sebastien Sahuc wrote:

> Hello again,
> If you remove any component such as request.xsl or response.xsl from the 
> classpath, the error message is not explicit enough to guide you. Indeed 
> it only says that a Component is not found, with a null method argument. 
> I know that the project is not in production state, but I though it might 
> be useful to improve error report, especially at starting time where 
> errors can be harmful. Besides this Cocoon2 ROCKS, and the code is nice, 
> really !
> BTW, where should I get the source of the current version of 
> AvalonAware.jar used in cocoon ? Indeed some more bug shows up but I need 
> to bedug in Avalon source (which the last cvs version is not compatible).

Well the best thing to do is figure out the date that
AvalonAware was added to C2 and then check out CVS of Avalon
at that time via something like

cvs checkout -D "19 Apr 1999"

Unfortunately the webcvs interface doesn't list
AvalonAware.jar or else I would have been able to tell you
exact time. :<



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