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Subject Re: AW: cvs commit: xml-cocoon/src/org/apache/cocoon/xml/xlink
Date Fri, 25 Aug 2000 08:59:02 GMT
On Fri, 25 Aug 2000, Giacomo Pati wrote:
> > You can always configure a stage in the Pipeline via
> > extension. ie Extend the class and hardwire values in
> > extended class. 
> I don't get this. Can you explain a bit more the details?

Well it is a common pattern I use in my software development
when the end user is not as technically literate as
developer but still has to compose out of multiple

For instance take the component BouncingBean. It has one
parameter - how high it bounces. I could give the end user
one class that allowed them to parametize it. Alternatively
I could give them 4 components, BouncingBean (which is
abstract), HighBouncingBean, MediumBouncingBean and
LowBouncingBean. If you design the original BouncingBean
well enough and analyse usage cases then it ends up being
much easier for end user to use.

I haven't followed this thread but I am sure you could apply
a similar pattern to different stages in pipeline. Your end
users will love you for it - if you design it well -
otherwise they will be at yourthroat to make
MediumHighBouncingBean :)



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