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Subject Re: Avalon explainations
Date Thu, 10 Aug 2000 10:57:39 GMT
> > Unfortunately at this current moment the Avalon list is
> > going through it. There are some parties who would remove
> > the Configuration interface completely and do everything
> > through JNDI.
> >
> ????????????
> What's the advantage of using JNDI ???
> They don't want to use config files anymore ? And what about portability ?

The theory is to load everything through JNDI because that
is a standard. So you would still use config files - jou
could just not use certain patterns like having multiple
elements with same tag name under another tag - ala


There are heaps of other penalties for using the standard
aswell and it kills Avalons Inversion of Control idea. There
is a posibility that you will still be able to get
configurations as they are now. Thou instead of implementing
Configurable you will instead have to do something like

Hashtable env = new Hashtable();
env.put(Context.PROVIDER_URL, "avalon://localhost/cocoon");
env.put(AvalonContext.SRC_COMPONENT, this);
Context context = new InitialContext( env );
Configuration conf = (Configuration)context.lookup("comp/env");

and then proceed as you do now.

Needless to say I ain't thrilled with that way or also other
restrictions (like you can't do this from non-primordial
classloader due to bug in JNDI).

> > I am trying to stop that but unfortunately I am lone in my
> > venture so it looks like all Configuration and
> > ComponentManager could be dropped soon.
> I really don't understand why....

nor I.



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