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Subject Re: xml doclet?
Date Wed, 09 Aug 2000 01:36:37 GMT


One thing I would like to see in a XMLDoclet is that a
seperate file is created for each class. So from
com/biz/ you end up with
com/biz/MyClass.xdoc. This means you have to deal with less
monolithic xml files and it also means you can easily merge
multiple source trees. (Ie you javadoc org.apache.cocoon and
org.apache.avalon seperatly but just copy *.xdoc to same
base and they are the same as if run full belt). This has
other benefits too. You can limit the number of packages
javadoced by just comparing timestamps of xdoc vs java for
each file in package and if any are changed then need to
redoo package and update said classes. This could also be
very good if combined with alexandria project.

I tried this once but failed as I knew nothing of XSL but I
would be very very very appreciative of functionality
similar :P



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