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From "Per Kreipke" <>
Subject RE: new sql logicsheet!
Date Wed, 30 Aug 2000 14:20:29 GMT
> so i got tired of waiting for comments and went ahead and wrote something
> out. it works smashingly in my tests so far. i have attached it and an
> example of its usage to this email in hopes of garnering some comments
> from y'all.

I'm trying to run your example under Cocoon 1.8 and can't, I get a NULL
pointer exception.

- I added the following to and copied the esql.xsl taglib
to the appropriate directory (all on one line, of course): =

- I've tracked it down to the namespace declaration in the xsp:page tag,
which probably indicates a silly error on my part. That is, if I take out
the actual <esql:execute> tag and leave the following, it compiles and
displays 'testing':


But if I insert the following namespace declaration into the xsp:page tag:


I get a NullPointerException in


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