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From "Robin Green" <>
Subject Re: stylesheet switching on browser version
Date Wed, 23 Aug 2000 12:56:53 GMT
Ricardo wrote:
>Robin Green wrote:
> > Hold on! Another unwarranted assumption - how do you know that the
> > XSPProcessor will receive its input directly from a Producer? Perhaps a
> > different Processor would be called first (for reasons of 
> > reusability, etc.)
>XSP is meant to be the first processor in the pipeline, what in Cocoon2
>jargon is called a Generator. Also, its input is supposed to be a file.
>Some have played with the notion of applying some transformation(s)
>prior to XSP processing. In my opinion (and, of course, I may be wrong)
>most (if not all) of such in-advance transformations can also be
>by judiciously using taglibs.

Except if you want to transform all files without touching a byte of the XSP 
source code. In other words, implicit transformation (no PIs, logicsheets, 
whatever). Donald wanted to do this, the C2 sitemap does this, I try to do 
this with my very simple CMSProducer. But the sitemap will probably be able 
to do everything, so these requirements should go away in C2.

Anyway it's only a matter of multi-file search and replace to insert a new 
logicsheet on every page, so it's not really a major thing.

> > My feeling is, it's better to invest our efforts into Cocoon2 rather 
> > continuing to back-port things from C2 to C1 as stopgap solutions. But
> > that's JMHO. (just my humble opinion).
>What has been back-ported from C2? Just curious...

Errr... (cough, cough), nothing that I know of. I was just thinking of the 
jikes support, but that wasn't really a back-port.

Mind you I regularly break the above-mentioned principle in pursuit of 
short-term goals. :(

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