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From "Robin Green" <>
Subject Re: stylesheet switching on browser version
Date Tue, 22 Aug 2000 20:09:39 GMT
Ricardo Rocha <> wrote:
>Robin Green wrote:
> > In other words, XSP assumes that it is getting its input document from
> > ProducerFromFile. Tsk, tsk.
> >
> > So either you have to
> >
> > A) Dynamically create stylesheets PIs in XSP instead (I recommend this)
> > B) Don't use XSP at all!!
> > C) Fix XSPProcessor (!)
>XSP assumes its input document to be a file so that it can
>reliably perform a change check every time the XSP page is

Makes sense.

>What does decoupling XSP from ProducerFromFile entail?
>If we had a way of (efficiently!) comparing the entire document
>passed as input to XSPProcessor from its previous version then
>we'd be all set.
>How can this be achieved? Should we extend Producer as to,
>somehow, reflect the source document's last modified timestamp?

Hold on! Another unwarranted assumption - how do you know that the 
XSPProcessor will receive its input directly from a Producer? Perhaps a 
different Processor would be called first (for reasons of modularisation, 
reusability, etc.)

The trouble is, any changes to the Producer/Processor interfaces will break 
existing code external to Cocoon.

My feeling is, it's better to invest our efforts into Cocoon2 rather than 
continuing to back-port things from C2 to C1 as stopgap solutions. But 
that's JMHO. (just my humble opinion).

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