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From "Robin Green" <>
Subject Re: cache madness
Date Tue, 15 Aug 2000 20:17:37 GMT
Stefano Mazzocchi <> wrote:
>I was thinking of adding caching semantics to XSP for 1.1, input

That's the version of XSP that'll ship with Cocoon 2, I presume?

As I previously said, ability to turn off caching on a per-page level would 
be greatly appreciated. If a page always returns hasChanged() true,  then 
there is no point in caching it in the first place.

getLastModified() and the other one sound good. But perhaps (haven't thought 
about this, just airing my thoughts) there is some ambiguity in what has 
changed - XSP source or XSP output. At the moment in C1 if a producer 
generates new Java code the XSP processor ignores it, unless you manually 
delete the repository files - a bug due to the ambigious notion of 
hasChanged() as regards subpipelines, IMO. I know you don't want 
subpipelines to proliferate and get too complicated, Stefano, but I have a 
feeling I will be implementing fully generic subpipelines for my own uses 
whatever decisions are made for the official C2 distro, and using them for 
lots of different things. So I for one would like to see caching semantics 
that fully support subpipelining: multiple inputs (think of a page that 
xincludes from several sources), dynamically-generated XSLT, etc.

But perhaps this is trivial - like I say, haven't thought about it.

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