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From Stuart Roebuck>
Subject re: C2 Classpath Inclusion Ant and Shellscripts
Date Wed, 02 Aug 2000 09:40:49 GMT
In response to my query in the ant-dev list, the following very helpful  
response came back today.

This appears to provide a mechanism for including all the libraries in  
Cocoon 2 directly in the build.xml file rather than having them passed from  
the calling shell script - one more step towards platform independence and  
ease of maintenance.

Anyone feel like committing a change?


>  SR> It would be really useful if this facility were built into ant so
>  SR> that classpath could take a path of the form "lib/*.jar" etc.
> Each task that supports a nested Path element of any kind can do so
> now, for example
> <javac ...>
>   <classpath>
>     <pathelement location="somefile" />
>     <pathelement path="somepredefinedpath" />
>     <fileset dir="lib">
>       <include name="**/*.jar" />
>     </fileset>
>     <pathelement location="somefile" />
>   </classpath>
> </javac>
> The resulting CLASSPATH will keep ordered the same way you've put the
> nested elements into the classpath element. Order of the JARs inside
> lib with respect to each other is undefined.
> I won't get this documented cleanly this week but need to do so next
> week - as I'm leaving for vacation after that.
> Stefan

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