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From Brian May <>
Subject Re: Is Cocoon2 caching implemented?
Date Thu, 10 Aug 2000 23:49:10 GMT
>>>>> "Stefano" == Stefano Mazzocchi <> writes:

    >> Personally, my major concern for Cocoon 1 (and so far Cocoon
    >> 2), is that static web pages do not have the http
    >> "Last-Modified" header.

    Stefano> This is a matter or writing a new serialier (or improving
    Stefano> on existing ones) that is able to do this... there is
    Stefano> nothing in the C2 architecture that doesn't allow you to
    Stefano> do that.

I think the hardest part might be knowing

1. what "last modified" header to use.

2. Also when to use the "expires" header (dynamic pages should expire)
might be an issue.

I am guessing that 2 could be specified in the sitemap, however 1,
might be harder. You could have the last-modified date of the XML

last-modified(out.html) = last-modified(in.xml)

or the XSL file:

last-modified(out.html) = last-modified(in.xsl)

Or perhaps something like:

last-modified(out.html) = max(last-modified(in.xml),last-modified(in.xsl))

would be more appropriate? I am assuming it is easy enough to obtain
the last-modified(in.xml) and last-modified(in.xsl) in the serializer

    Stefano> ... anyway, using a CVS generator and a proxy friendly
    Stefano> serializer could allow us to update the site directly
    Stefano> without having to touch anything, just trusting CVS
    Stefano> security and all documentation would be reflected
    Stefano> directly to the proxy (if modified from internal Cocoon
    Stefano> cache).

    Stefano> Wouldn't that be totally cool? :-)

Sounds interesting...

Although, with cvs, something like

last-modified(out.html) = max(last-checked-in(in.xml),last-checked-in(in.xsl))

might(?) be more appropriate...

(would it be possible to use the CVS generator to "create" in.xsl???)

While we are on the topic of generators, I am just interested,
will the following be possible? (sorry about my ASCII art...)

(/dir/to/images --> ImageDirectoryGenerator) --|
(/otherdir/file.xml --> FileGenerator)  --> XalanTransformer --> output

ie, when transforming an input xml file, would it be possible to
obtain image heights and widths from the ImageDirectoryGenerator, and
insert them in the HTML tags <img href="..." height="..." width="...>,
so that these don't have to be hard-coded?

Or, perhaps, this is the wrong solution, and a better solution might
be to get the HTML serializer to automatically add this information?
Brian May <>

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