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From Brian May <>
Subject Re: [Cocoon Devel]XSL/XSP
Date Wed, 02 Aug 2000 23:28:36 GMT
Hello All,

I have a similar problem with the following XSP code:

<result id="gb-addentry">

       String name=request.getParameter("name");


>>>>> "Ricardo" == Ricardo Rocha <> writes:

    Ricardo> The "request" object is accessible _only_ inside the
    Ricardo> "populateDocument" method (i.e. inside the user root
    Ricardo> element). It's _not_ accessible inside the class-level
    Ricardo> section (i.e., <xsp:logic> right beneath the root
    Ricardo> <xsp:element>).

How do you get stuff into the populateDocument method? I can't see
that method in the output Java code. Instead, everything is in the
"generate" method. The variable "request" is not defined anywhere.

>>>>> "Donald" == Donald Ball <> writes:

    Donald> the statement needs to appear underneath your root
    Donald> element:

    Donald> <xsp:page> <xsp:logic> static private int counter = 0;
    Donald> </xsp:logic> <page> <xsp:logic> String id =
    Donald> request.getParameter("id"); </xsp:logic> </page>
    Donald> </xsp:page>

Its my impression I do this correctly. ie <result ...> is my root

Brian May <>

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