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From Brian May <>
Subject Re: [Cocoon Devel]DTD PUBLIC ID resolution
Date Thu, 03 Aug 2000 23:20:15 GMT
>>>>> "Hans" == Hans Ulrich Niedermann <>

    Hans> Hi, I'd like to have a mechanism that maps some known PUBLIC
    Hans> IDs from the <!DOCUMENT> declaration to the corresponding
    Hans> local URIs (similar to SGML catalog files). This would allow

I am not familiar with SGML catalog files, so may have misunderstood

    Hans> one to write XML files with the "canonical" URI for the used
    Hans> DTDs and still use a local copy for validation and default
    Hans> value gathering, which increases both reliability and speed.

Is it <!DOCUMENT> or <!DOCTYPE>???

    Hans> Do you think such a mechanism makes sense?  Has anybody seen
    Hans> such a thing implemented yet?  Where could/should such a
    Hans> thing be hooked into the C2 processing chain?  Where and how
    Hans> should the configuration, i.e. the mapping from PUBLIC to
    Hans> SYSTEM be stored?

Personally, I have modified the DOCTYPE specs to point to the local
copy of the DTD, using a relative path.

Probably not a good idea for distributing copies of the XML document

Are there any other advantages?
Brian May <>

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