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From Stefano Mazzocchi <>
Subject Re: comments !!
Date Fri, 25 Aug 2000 12:36:51 GMT
ultan o'carroll wrote:
> While this may seem a little strong, isnt it stating the obvious - generated FO
> pushed to clients may of course lose the meaning of the XML, but then rendered
> XML is intended for human readers rather than machines, in the same way that
> HTML is - some rendering engine interprets the stream/file.
> A browser will read HTML and show it according to its rendering engine,
> something like Acrobat will read FO and render it using its engine and some
> other tool may read the raw XML and display it in some tree format or whatever.
> At some stage down the line the semantics in the XML have to be interpreted for
> display (or used for data exchange) and so the real question is when this
> happens and the answer is based on application audience.
> There is a danger if FO gets pushed out on its own without the underlying XML
> having been used to ascertain the meaning of the source that this meaning will
> be lost or misconstrued. On the other hand if the FO is generated it is not
> lying around in some repository waiting to be indexed and categorised by search
> engines/robots  - rather the XML will be interrogated (one would hope) and the
> client application whether it be an HTML browser or a custom XML viewer or
> Acrobat will dictate the transformation to be performed on the underlying XML -
> in steps Cocoon. The argument should be against meta information gathering from
> rendered or FO'd sources rather than from the original source - teach the search
> engines to classify based on XML rather than FO. Long live FO.

I totally agree.

This is why I proposed the notion of "views" in Cocoon2 and I'm going to
propose them for HTTP-NG.

Like I said in my previous email on the subject: I love the technology,
what I can't stand it's the shortsightness of the vision.

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