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From Jochen Wiedmann <>
Subject Would like to contribute
Date Sun, 13 Aug 2000 15:40:55 GMT


I would like to contribute some code that I have developed and
that allows to use a Tamino database engine with Cocoon. Tamino
is an XML database developed by my employee, the Software AG.

  - A Tamino producer; in other words a producer reading from
    the database
  - A Tamino processor in the style of the SQL processor, that
    allows to execute read and/or write requests like this:

	<!-- Set the Tamino -->
	<inop:init url="http://localhost/tamino/test/mycoll">
	<!-- Insert some documents -->
	<!-- Read something from the database -->
		doc1[name="something" and date > ´2000-05-19´]
  - A Tamino tag library for XSP in the same style, but using
    the prefix "inotl" rather than "inop".

The above stuff does not depend any external libraries other than
Cocoon and Xerces. (I am using org.apache.xml.* for serialization.)

Would that be accepted? If so, what is the preferred method of
contributing my code. I am used to working with CVS, so I could
insert into the repository directly. I could also send patches.

Thanks in advance,


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