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From Stefano Mazzocchi <>
Subject Re: [Cocoon Devel]Is Cocoon2 caching implemented?
Date Sat, 05 Aug 2000 19:13:44 GMT
Brian May wrote:
> >>>>> "Berin" == Berin Loritsch <> writes:
>     Berin> Jon Lancelle wrote:
>     >> Do you think such an implementation will eventually be a part
>     >> of Cocoon 2?
>     Berin> I'm positive, it is a matter of time.
>     Berin> For non-dynamic pages we have more than 100-fold
>     Berin> performance increase for the reward--definitely worth it.
> What is the plan for static files? According to the documentation, I
> have read "To be able to put most of the static part job back on the
> web server (where it belongs), Cocoon2 will greatly improve it's
> command line operation, allowing the creation of site makefiles that
> will automatically scan the web site and the source documents and will
> provide a way to regenerate the static part of a web site (images and
> tables included!) based on the same XML model used in the dynamic
> operation version."
> However, wouldn't this make caching redundant?


I spent a lot of time thinking about this and I think that using proxies
up front is the way to go for very-low-update-frequency content (there
is no such thing as "static web content").

Cocoon2 in batch mode should be used to generate HTML documentation or
PDF manuals or a collection of SVG printouts... something that you place
in a non-serving enviornment (mostly a file system).

> Personally, my major concern for Cocoon 1 (and so far Cocoon 2), is
> that static web pages do not have the http "Last-Modified"
> header.

This is a matter or writing a new serialier (or improving on existing
ones) that is able to do this... there is nothing in the C2 architecture
that doesn't allow you to do that.

> This means that proxy http caches like squid will not cache
> the page, meaning it has to be re-down-loaded every time you access
> it, even if you only accessed it five minutes ago...

Correct, this is the way it should be done and I'm playing with the idea
of creating a mod_cocoon module for Apache 2.0 that might allow us to
use Apache mod_proxy directly for this, or filter the result of mod_perl
or mod_php directly. (yes, we can call PHP from inside C2 already, but
this is different and much more useful since allow people not to know
java nor PHP at all, just "chaining" services together).

But this is wild and won't happen before I can talk with the core Apache
2.0 people at ApacheCon2000 this fall.

Anyway, you are totally right, Cocoon should be more proxy-friendly
right from the core.
> I hope that one day, Cocoon2 will be able to create static HTML files
> (where practical), so that the web-server is responsible for
> generating these headers again.

> Then again, I have encountered this problem even for
> It was my impression that this web site used
> static HTML pages???

Yes, is batch generated and this sucks big time since we
can't make stylebook run on since no good Java 1.2 JVM is
(yet) available for FreeBSD....

... anyway, using a CVS generator and a proxy friendly serializer could
allow us to update the site directly without having to touch anything,
just trusting CVS security and all documentation would be reflected
directly to the proxy (if modified from internal Cocoon cache).

Wouldn't that be totally cool? :-)

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