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From "Stevenson, Chris (SSABSA)" <>
Subject RE: Is Cocoon2 caching implemented?
Date Fri, 11 Aug 2000 01:14:22 GMT
>     >> Personally, my major concern for Cocoon 1 (and so far Cocoon
>     >> 2), is that static web pages do not have the http
>     >> "Last-Modified" header.
>     Stefano> This is a matter or writing a new serialier (or improving
>     Stefano> on existing ones) that is able to do this... there is
>     Stefano> nothing in the C2 architecture that doesn't allow you to
>     Stefano> do that.

> 1. what "last modified" header to use.
> 2. Also when to use the "expires" header (dynamic pages should expire)
> might be an issue.
> I am guessing that 2 could be specified in the sitemap, however 1,
> might be harder. You could have the last-modified date of the XML
> file:
> last-modified(out.html) = last-modified(in.xml)
> or the XSL file:
> last-modified(out.html) = last-modified(in.xsl)
> Or perhaps something like:

What about adding behaviours like


to each pipeline component, that returns a null by 
default, then have the sitemap work out max() 
by calling each in turn?

This makes more sense to me because the idea of
modification time belongs on the component 
(be it generator, filter or serializer) and 
not at the sitemap level...

For example, suppose there is a filter that uses 
some time-based criteria to change the way it 
generates a file (maybe black bg for evening,
yellow for daytime). No files change, but the 
last-modified *does* change.

This could also be used to abstract out the 
re-compilation and caching tests - you just call 
getLastModified() on each pipeline component, 
and if it is later than the cached version, 
mark the pipeline as dirty. 

This is also more general than the current 
hasChanged() on sitemap..

again for example, suppose there are two or more
caches reading from the same sitemap object,
maybe on a distributed system... calling 
hasChanged on the sitemap will cause inconsistent 
behaviour, since the first call will reset to false,
and the next cache to call hasChanged() will think 
nothing has changed.

this would mean a change to the interface of 
SitemapModelComponent and SitemapOutputComponent.


-- Chris Stevenson ----------------------- SSABSA --
Senior Secondary Assessment Board of South Australia
60 Greenhill Road, Wayville SA 5034, Australia
phone: (08) 8372 7515
  fax: (08) 8372 7590

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