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From "Stevenson, Chris (SSABSA)" <>
Subject RE: [Cocoon Devel]C2/xalan/xerces: docbook format
Date Fri, 04 Aug 2000 01:12:33 GMT
> >>>>> "Hans" == Hans Ulrich Niedermann 
> <> writes:
>     Hans> P.S: Docbook XSL is not extraordinarily fast: K6-2/300MHz,
>     Hans> quite a small&simple document takes approx. 30 (thirty!) 
>     Hans> seconds

> - There is no DocBook XSL supplied with Cocoon 1 or Cocoon 2.

There is a docbook sample file in the cocoon1 samples directory.

I presume this is what you are using?

Hans: does this include the cocoon strtup time? This seems very slow.
Try going to a different sample page to initialize the engines, then 
to the docbook test. you might find it is much faster

C2 compiles the XSL the first time through, so that could also be 
slowing it down... try reloading the document (as C2 does not cache,
this will be a fair test) or loading a different document with the 
same XSL (? I *think* this will not cause a re-compile?)

I an using C2 with teixlite.dtd, a similarly complex dtd, generating
a TOC from a 136k xml file, and it takes about 2-3 seconds...


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