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Subject RE: [C2] SVG :Inconsistency between sitemap and build.xml
Date Thu, 31 Aug 2000 11:39:43 GMT

In build.xml the target compile does not compile by default the
component.image package whereas in the sitemap the component
is declared=
to be read as 'jaipngencoder'.

So when ruuning, a Component not found is generated.

So I -IMHO- suggest that you remove the component declaration
from the=20
sitemap, or comment it.=20

Sorry about the formatting on this message - damn webmail!

Yes, that is a problem I am planning to fix tonight.  The JAI
PNG encoder is only built if JAI is installed.  I'm going to
change the config so that the default encoder is the Sun JPEG
encoder, supplied with many JDKs.


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