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From "Maddison, David" <>
Subject Dynamic XSL
Date Wed, 30 Aug 2000 09:56:35 GMT
Cocoon is cool, especially as a proof of concept, definitely proves that
XSL/XML based publishing systems can work fast enough, even faster than some
'old world' systems I know.

Although the cocoon framework allows me to hook in my own producer, (which
is cool!), it doesn't allow me to hook in my own XSL producer, which is
something required for a true publishing system.

Why would you need this?  Well consider a users home page, similar to My
Yahoo.  The user can decided on an indivdual layout, but the data behind is
exactly the same, so in this case I want the data to be created, however I
want the ability to dynamically create the XSL for layout, based on a users

A full web system, (similar to Allaire Spectra or Vignette), is something
I'm speccy out at the moment.  It'll problably use Cocoon as the publishing
engine, (with my own producers, etc), but provide all the other things
Cocoon doesn't, i.e. User profiling, Content Objects, Role based security

Would also be cool if the producers etc could be 'Bean'effied' that way the
engine could be distributed over several EJB servers!  I'm thinking maybe
the request could  be split into two threads, one that goes and gets the
formatting, and one that goes and gets the data, both merging to produce the
final result.

David Maddison
Yahoo IM : maddisondavid
Jabber IM :

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