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From "Nick Wesselman, @home" <>
Subject xml doclet?
Date Tue, 08 Aug 2000 08:02:14 GMT
I'm a moderately experienced Java developer who's interested in the xml
doclet that's part of the Cocoon project. It would be very helpful for a
personal project of mine, so I'd like to offer my help on it.

What is the current status of the doclet? Has anything been done for it
since the revision posted in March (1.1)? It seems that the mini-project
could use the following work, based on the source & what discussions on it I
could dig up:

--implementation of XML namespaces for HTML and other tags within the
--addition of command-line options to specify this namespace and other
details, such as the output target
--support for packages within packages?
--support for new 1.3 @docRoot?

Maybe some of this has already been done and I'm not aware? Archived
messages from October discussed the use of namespaces, yet from what I can
tell they don't seem to be fully implemented yet.



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