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From "Nick Wesselman, @home" <>
Subject Re: xml doclet?
Date Mon, 14 Aug 2000 04:31:28 GMT
> One thing I would like to see in a XMLDoclet is that a
> seperate file is created for each class. So from
> com/biz/ you end up with
> com/biz/MyClass.xdoc.

Sounds reasonable to me--but how would this effect the DTD? Are there any
kind of specs/guidelines for XML structure accross multiple files? Maybe
this solution would require separate DTDs for doc structure and specific
class info? I must admit ignorance here.

> This means you have to deal with less
> monolithic xml files and it also means you can easily merge
> multiple source trees. (Ie you javadoc org.apache.cocoon and
> org.apache.avalon seperatly but just copy *.xdoc to same
> base and they are the same as if run full belt). This has
> other benefits too. You can limit the number of packages
> javadoced by just comparing timestamps of xdoc vs java for
> each file in package and if any are changed then need to
> redoo package and update said classes. This could also be
> very good if combined with alexandria project.

Could someone send me some info on what exactly the alexandria project is?


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