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From Jeremy Quinn <>
Subject Re: [C2] Package names
Date Mon, 10 Jul 2000 09:13:43 GMT
At 15:50 +0200 09/07/00, Stefano Mazzocchi wrote:
>Jeremy Quinn wrote:
>> Now, if only Java was based on British rather than American English ;-)
>>         I keep writing, Serialise, Colour etc. Ugh!
>"Colour" is a french-ism anyway :)

Ha! This is weird, just looked it up

	"Old French" 	- color
	Latin					-	color , -oris, akin to celare, to cover, to conceal.

>[Interesting to think british didn't have a notion of colors strong
>enough to survive the french cultural influence]

English is only a mutated mixture of different languages, not only a
mixture of vocabulary and spelling rules but of grammar as well. All the
Latin languages, Saxon, Nordic, Gaelic, then there's more recent ones like
Hindi etc.

There are often several words for one meaning, a polite one from the French
because that is what the Norman aristocracy spoke, a rough word from the
Saxon because that is what the people spoke.

>After all these years, I still don't understand how you people can stand
>a language where there are no spelling rules. Words like "enough" drive
>my rational mind insane.

I did not get a choice in the matter :)
Italy used to have many separate languages too right?
Only to be unified (rationalised?) under Spanish conquest?
Our conquerors only muddied the waters :)

>Know what? probably there are so many non-anglo-saxons around XML
>because of this: we feel the lack of language validation rules probably
>much more than you do. :)

Ha Ha! You think Engish is fuzzy, how well do you know Japanese?

Italian is wonderfully phonetic, I clearly remember the hell of "spelling"
lessons and dictation :)

But Italian's just too verbose :)

I had a friend, a classics scholar, he would visit Italy, but could only
speak Latin, not Italian, he said whatever place he asked directions for,
he would always be directed to a church!

Apple brought out a system scripting language for MacOS, called AppleScript.
The language is crap, but it can be written in about 6 different "human"
languages, (even Japanese :)

regards Jeremy

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