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From Jeremy Quinn <>
Subject Re: FP is great!!!
Date Sat, 22 Jul 2000 13:55:14 GMT
At 22:16 +0200 21/07/00, Mark Washeim wrote:
>The two concerns I've had are:
>1. parsimony and the number of documents that need to be maintained to
>maintain documents . . .

Do you mean that you need one XML/XSP file to handle each "task" on each
"fragment type"?

I was thinking originally of allowing the combination of multiple "tasks"
within each XML/XSP file, eg. allow "edit", "add", "remove", "move" etc.
within one file, but the complications put me off at first.

Since I always thought of FP as a hack, a short-term solution for C1 while
this issue was sorted out properly for C2 (maybe with FP playing the role
of catalyst), I don't see this as a big problem (IMHO).

>2. validation of types (not necessarily schema, though, perhaps that's
>Jeremy's intention?)

I want to try Schema validation when I can get RevalidatingDOMParser
working (see previous message "Xerces 1.1.2 build broken").

One issue I am worried about is how you get meaningful error reports from
Xerces when validation fails for some data constraint reason.

If I cannot get Schema validation working satisfactorily, I have a fallback
I worked out before I realised how "potentially" easy it would be to use

>I've been writing a scaled back version all day, so, hopefully, I'll have
>something to add to the discussion.


>Otherwise, I'll just have to shut up and help Jeremy :)

Even better :)

>Our applet (schema based) is up, but I encountered access errors for the
>playground we set (for people to have a look) so I'll forward asap...


regards Jeremy

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