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From Francisco Jr. <>
Subject Re:Installing Cocoon2
Date Thu, 13 Jul 2000 02:32:22 GMT
Are you using some type of cvs client?

I recomend you to go to to get one for your platform.
If you are using Windows you would like to visit They have a very nice cvs
client for 
windows. They have some docs and other links about cvs too.

When you get your cvs client running you can configure it to get a branch called xml-cocoon2
this is done by calling cvs as stated in Cocoon site, if you are using cvs shell program.

If you download a Gui-based cvs client, take a look at its docs to see how to configure it
to get another 
branch besides the default.

I'm sorry if I'm very confusing. Let me know if you have some problem.

I hope it helps.

Francisco Jr.

Original message from: "Pedro E. Gómez"
>How can I download, build and Installa cocoon 2?
>Where is it?
>I do not understand when in the page said:
>cvs checkout -r xml-cocoon2 xml-cocoon
>Thanks and I will apreciate your help.
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