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From Donald Ball <>
Subject Re: Generating a FrameSet from a XML document
Date Wed, 12 Jul 2000 18:55:27 GMT
On Wed, 12 Jul 2000, Robin Green wrote:

> No. Cocoon is designed to process multiple requests simultaneously - even if 
> they reference the same file(s). It synchronizes on cache access and XSP 
> compilation and loading, so there should be no problem.

now that's something i've been meaning to ask about for a while. back in
the day, i wrote some caching code for cocoon that avoided a pet peeve of
mine - the multiple writers problem. you get that when a page doesn't
exist in the cache yet, and a bunch of requests come in for the page at
the same time. a whole slew of threads will be spawned to go create the
page, instead of just one being spawned and the rest being told to wait
until the writer is finished. my code sucked for other reasons, but it did
do that well. poking through the current cache code, it doesn't seem that
it makes any attempt to avoid the multiple writers problem. am i missing
something or is that the case?

- donald

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