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From "Scott Boag/CAM/Lotus" <>
Subject Re: C2 status
Date Sun, 30 Jul 2000 22:33:13 GMT

> Maybe Scott is interested in the sitemap generation stylesheet?

I want to stress that I'm very interested in doing whatever it takes over
the next couple of weeks to get Xalan 2 running well in Cocoon 2.  You
should write a note to me directly for any issues.  You might try
prepending something like [xalan2-cocoon2] to email subject lines to make
sure I don't miss the mail.  I will try and be extra responsive.

As I said in the other note, sitemap.xsl should be working by tomorrow,
once I address the extensions issue.


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"N. Sean Timm" wrote:
> "Giacomo Pati" <> wrote:
> > Sean Timm will try to get Xalan 2.0 working with this release (trax). I
> > personaly had no luck with Xalan 2.0 transforming a sitemap to java
> > using the stylesheet I've written
> >

> Yes...unfortunately, the current version of Xalan 2 doesn't seem to work
> all converting that sitemap, so I can't test any of my code changes until
> that starts working.  I fired a message off to Scott to see if I could
> some assistance on the Xalan end of things.  I believe the changes I've
> are correct, however, so it should be good to go as soon as we can get
> usable.  I haven't created the TraxTransformer yet, but I've modified the
> necessary files to make Cocoon2 use (and compile with) Xalan 2.  DOMUtils
> has been modified to utilize JAXP and TRaX, so there isn't a hard-coded
> dependency on Xerces and Xalan anymore.  (Although Xalan is currently the
> only TRaX implementation that I know of...)

To make C2 using Xalan 2 at all the sitemap generation stylesheet should
be the test case for it. It uses the java namespace for XSLT extensions
and this must be working. Until then C2 will remain on Xalan 1.x because
I think we can't mix these Xalan versions.

Maybe Scott is interested in the sitemap generation stylesheet?


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