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From "Scott Boag/CAM/Lotus" <>
Subject Re: C2 status
Date Sun, 30 Jul 2000 22:23:47 GMT

> I fired a message off to Scott to see if I could get
> some assistance on the Xalan end of things.

So far I've got the sitemap stylesheet to run with the extensions commented
out.  I'll check the changes I made in sometime tonight.  I'm right in the
middle of doing some work on the extensions, including getting the redirect
extension working again, so it may be another day or so before it can
handle the extensions.

 I haven't promised a pain-free integration, and, due to various crises'
that have been occuring in my life, I'm not quite as far along as I hoped.
I need to hit very hard on XalanJ 2 in the next couple of weeks, since I am
going for a badly needed three week vacation, without my computer, starting
on the 14th.  So it would be good if we could get this working as perfect
as possible between now and then.  If we can get the basics running in
Cocoon two, and then get a few sample sites running for test purposes, it
would be great.


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                    Timm"                To:     <>       
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"Giacomo Pati" <> wrote:
> Sean Timm will try to get Xalan 2.0 working with this release (trax). I
> personaly had no luck with Xalan 2.0 transforming a sitemap to java code
> using the stylesheet I've written

Yes...unfortunately, the current version of Xalan 2 doesn't seem to work at
all converting that sitemap, so I can't test any of my code changes until
that starts working.  I fired a message off to Scott to see if I could get
some assistance on the Xalan end of things.  I believe the changes I've
are correct, however, so it should be good to go as soon as we can get
usable.  I haven't created the TraxTransformer yet, but I've modified the
necessary files to make Cocoon2 use (and compile with) Xalan 2.  DOMUtils
has been modified to utilize JAXP and TRaX, so there isn't a hard-coded
dependency on Xerces and Xalan anymore.  (Although Xalan is currently the
only TRaX implementation that I know of...)

On a side note, creating diffs was a real pain due to the screwy double
carriage returns in a lot of the files.  I modified all of the files to
eliminate those double carriage returns, so once Xalan 2 is ready, should I
just zip up my source directory and pass it on to a committer?  Or would
another committer be so kind as to eliminate those double carriage returns
from all the source files?


- Sean T.

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