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Subject Re: Bug? Weird redirect behavior
Date Thu, 20 Jul 2000 14:23:11 GMT

Hello again,

the case is now closed from my perspective. I changed the
virtual host to
simply redirect to and ran Tomcat separately listening to
that port.
This way Apache isn't delegating the request, and the problem doesn't crop
up. This
seems to imply that the problem has something to do with the Apache jserv
Maybe Alex's workaround is what I should have done, but I'm rid of the
problem now,
and hence content!

Oddly, the problem manifested itself only in Internet Explorer, not in
Netscape Navigator,
and then only on browsers external to our local network, and only on _some_
of those.
Others had no problems despite running the exact same version of Internet

Thanks for the feedback!

     - Gulli

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