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From "Khaja, Saif" <>
Subject sql to xml question
Date Fri, 21 Jul 2000 01:10:54 GMT
Hi everyone,
I wanted to know what are the different ways to generate XML on the fly from
sql queries.
I know there are some that do it.

For instance, XSQL Servlet which is a very good way of generating XML. But
Ive noticed that it throws OutOfMemoryException couple of times, especially
in my case where the data returned is really huge. Also it implies that you
provide connection definitions before hand. 

Then there is SQL Processor from Cocoon. Any reference material explaining
the cocoon development especially the SQL Processor and Taglib???

And PXSLServlet ( I havent worked around with it, so
no comments.

Also can anyone let me know where I can find more information regarding the
usage RowSetLocator class included in the Xalan 1.1

The main reason why I am mentioning all tools I know is that, I've spent
quite a bit of my time searching for them and I know there still must by
many who are doing so. There are many XSL gurus out there who can add to
this list which will help newbie's.


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