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From Stuart Roebuck>
Subject C2 Ant Classpaths assume xalan, xerces, avalon, etc.
Date Mon, 31 Jul 2000 09:45:13 GMT
The current "build.xml" file for building Cocoon2 seems to assume that  
AvalonAware, jakarta-regexp, xalan, xerces & servlet are all in the default  

Is it worth adding some properties for their locations in the release eg.:

    <property name="lib.avalon"  value="lib/AvalonAware.jar"/>
    <property name="lib.regexp"  value="lib/jakarta-regexp-1.1.jar"/>
    <property name="lib.servlet" value="lib/servlet_2_2.jar"/>
    <property name="lib.xalan"   value="lib/xalan_1_0_1.jar"/>
    <property name="lib.xerces"  value="lib/xerces_1_1_2.jar"/>

And then explicitly referencing them in the parts of the build that require them.


In "compile target":

      <classpath path="${lib.avalon}:${lib.servlet}:${lib.xalan}:${lib.xerces}:$
{lib.regexp}" />

In "docs target":

    <java fork="yes"
          ... />

I'm not clear on what current wisdom advocates re: classpath  
referencing... My view is that projects should explicitly include  
classpaths because otherwise you build big dependencies into the overall  
environmental CLASSPATH and possible clashes where different projects  
require different versions of particular libraries.


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