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From Mark Washeim <>
Subject Re: [C2] Package names
Date Mon, 10 Jul 2000 21:37:50 GMT
on 10/7/00 11:18 pm, Giacomo Pati at wrote:

> Mark Washeim wrote:
>> + 1 as per my previous vote.
>> Is there a discreet task you would like a volunteer for?
>> you mean:
>> grap the current CVS 2.x branch, rename the packages/classes???
> Yup, exactly. I don't know if you have commit access. If so and you
> would like to volunteer for this job, go on and do it. If you don't have
> write access to the cvs, go on either and send me (privately) the hole
> src directory as a zipped file. I have no idea of Macs (I've seen your
> MUA is Outlook Macs Edition), but do suppose this is possible
> Giacomo

I've one last bug to shoot on the project I'm working on. Thereafter,
(guessing wednesday) if no one else has come forward, I'll take it on.

I work on three platforms, at once :) Mostly, I'm working remotely (ssh
terminal) on a unix box.

I can send it to you zipped, gzipped, Z, one way or another :)

I'll get back to you privately if no one else steps forward . . .

Mark (Poetaster) Washeim

'On the linen wrappings of certain mummified remains
found near the Etrurian coast are invaluable writings
that await translation.

Quem colorem habet sapientia?'

Evan S. Connell


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