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Subject RE: Tomcat/Cocoon2 install problems
Date Tue, 04 Jul 2000 16:50:47 GMT
> Steven Noels wrote:

> When I add the cocoon.war file to the webapps dir, I see that it gets
> unpacked at Tomcat runtime, but none of the cocoon samples, nor the
> 'hello/welcome' pages are working at 
> http://localhost:8080/cocoon/welcome...
> Is there something which needs to be changed?
> I've been browsing the mailing list archive, did my homework, 
> but now I am
> completely at loss.


In order to move swiftly, and because Sam Ruby hadn't announced the fine
cooperation between the Tomcat 3.2 beta and Cocoon2 yet, I applied the patch
for the filename vs. URL/Xerces stuff to from Kirk Woerner, got
some relevant versions of the xerces.jar & xalan.jar, and hurray, I've
managed to get this wonderful message from Orion running Cocoon2:

Cocoon 2.0: Version 2.0
Ready to process requests... 

Wow. First time I got to see this, so I'm already quite happy with that. I
think I've already proved my utter newbieness, but there doesn't seems to be
anyone knowledgeable about Orion/Cocoon2 config on the users list, so I dare
to ask this question on the dev-list: a status message is fine, but I want
to start using the sitemap for simple XML/XSL binding (no XSP stuff yet).

How does this work with Orion as a servlet engine? Anyone who went there

I already do get these kind status messages on stdout:

Orion/1.1.9 initialized
Adding component: generator:file
Adding component: generator:request
Adding component: generator:directory
Adding component: generator:serverpages
Adding component: filter:xslt
Adding component: filter:log
Adding component: filter:sql
Adding component: filter:xinclude
Adding component: serializer:xml
Adding component: serializer:html
Adding component: serializer:fo2pdf
Adding component: serializer:svg2jpg
Adding component: serializer:image
Adding component: parser
Adding component: store
Adding component: factory
Adding component: program-generator

Tnx for *any* tips or advice. If I get this up & running on my little
machine, I'll be glad to write this up for the documentation project.


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