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From "Timm, Sean" <>
Subject RE: [report] Cocoon Hackaton #1
Date Thu, 20 Jul 2000 20:21:34 GMT
Niclas Hedhman [] wrote:
> > Hmm...I know it's probably bad form to manipulate the output stream
prior to
> > serialization, so perhaps someone can enlighten me as to a better way.
> > We've got a producer that takes quite some time, so we modified it to
> > its status, and we stream out a progress bar for display until the
> > producer's work is complete (writing directly to the output stream, of
> > course.)
>Could you elaborate on how you do this, and instead of providing a general
>"bad" feature (i.e direct writing to stream) we could incorporate a "good"
>feature of status reporting. If that is abstracted that way, different kind
>environments would do different things, including progress bars, rotating
>+ %, and so on.
>I would call this a wanted feature and a higher level of abstraction is

Not much to it, really...just streaming out the following HTML:
<SCRIPT language="JavaScript">
 window.status="Whatever I want to show on the status bar";

IE runs it as it is sent to it, so I just stream this out each time I want
to update what is shown (to display percentage done or whatever...)

- Sean T.

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