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From "Timm, Sean" <>
Subject RE: [report] Cocoon Hackaton #1
Date Tue, 18 Jul 2000 23:03:30 GMT
Stefano Mazzocchi [] wrote:
>Each pipeline component must be aware of the enviornment objects, but
>only the serializer will be given the access to the output stream.
>The enviornment objects will follow the Servlet API, but, the 
> response.getOutputStream()
> response.getWriter()
>methods will return an
> IllegalStateException
>if called from "generators" and "transformers".

Hmm...I know it's probably bad form to manipulate the output stream prior to
serialization, so perhaps someone can enlighten me as to a better way.  :)
We've got a producer that takes quite some time, so we modified it to report
its status, and we stream out a progress bar for display until the
producer's work is complete (writing directly to the output stream, of
course.)  This is currently possible in Cocoon 1, but it sounds like
everyone wants this access stripped in Cocoon 2.  Is this true?  Is there
any reason this "feature" cannot remain available?

Sean T.

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