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Subject Re: C2 status
Date Sat, 29 Jul 2000 18:49:00 GMT

N. Sean Timm wrote:
> Yes...unfortunately, the current version of Xalan 2 doesn't seem to
> work at all converting that sitemap, so I can't test any of my code
> changes until that starts working.  I fired a message off to Scott
> to see if I could get some assistance on the Xalan end of things.
> I believe the changes I've made are correct, however, so it should
> be good to go as soon as we can get Xalan usable.  I haven't created
> the TraxTransformer yet, but I've modified the necessary files to
> make Cocoon2 use (and compile with) Xalan 2.  DOMUtils has been
> modified to utilize JAXP and TRaX, so there isn't a hard-coded
> dependency on Xerces and Xalan anymore.  (Although Xalan is
> currently the only TRaX implementation that I know of...)

Will any of these changes work with Xalan 1?  For example, shouldn't the
JAXP change be independent of this?

Personally, I would like to see the changes go in incrementally, and only
the parts which are actually held up by Xalan 2 development be held back.

- Sam Ruby

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