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From COFFMAN Steven <>
Subject FOP goes SAX2 and sticky CVS permissions
Date Fri, 21 Jul 2000 16:56:59 GMT
	The CVS version of FOP is now SAX2, as will be the upcoming FOP 0.14
release, causing it to fail to work with Cocoon properly. I glanced around,
but didn't see who was maintaining the FO2PDFFormatter (or it's
replacement), so this is just a FYI that the change is coming soon.

	The other thing is a CVS question. We've got quite a few scripts
(, etc.) that have permissions set to be non-executable when checked
out on *nix. Some are executable however. Removing the file from CVS and
adding it back with proper permissions doesn't work. What's the solution?
Fop-Dev is befuzzled. Anyway... just throught I'd pop in.

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From: Fotis Jannidis []
Sent: Friday, July 21, 2000 4:50 AM
Subject: Re: release Fop 0.14: tbd 

> Is that it work with Cocoon also a requirement?  Or is that out-of-scope
> for a release of FOP?

If Fop works correctly as a standalone product, I would guess (and not
knowing Cocoon 
good enough that's all I can do) the problem is to be found either with the
between Fop and Cocoon or with your Cocoon installation. Your description of
the error 
sounds a bell: I saw something similar which had its cause in an older
Xerces version. 
Another point to check: Because of the switch to SAX 2 we have updated our
class and changed the way how it is called by the application, probably
Cocoon uses its 
own older version, which has to be updated. 


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